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Tattoo Removal

San Diego Tattoo Removal

Scores of people in the San Diego and Chula Vista areas seek out Dr. Nowak for Laser Tattoo Removal. Many factors may influence the decision to remove a tattoo: changes in personal preference, style, the end of a relationship, or simply an unappealing change in the appearance of the tattoo with time and age. At Nowak Aesthetics our caring and professional staff can assist you with cutting-edge laser tattoo treatments with our brand new Lumenis PiQo4 Laser, options for financing your procedure, and all the information and support you need during your aesthetic surgery process.

What to expect with Lumenis PiQo4 Laser Tattoo Removal

How does this treatment actually remove tattoos?

  • Naturally our bodies cannot breakdown ink molecules because they are so large. This technology breaks them up turning them into smaller pebbles then to sand. Then the body is able to breakdown the ink by the body’s own immune system. It can also deliver more energy causing ink particles to break up faster

What makes this Laser better than what is already out there?

  • This new top of the line technology is able target a larger area compared to other lasers creating faster timing.

How many treatments does it take to remove the tattoo?

The amount of treatments depend on a number of things;

  • One, the type of ink used is very important. If amateur or cheap ink was used it will require less treatments than professional and high quality ink.
  • The location and size is also a factor.
  • Most importantly, the color of the tattoo. Blacks, Reds, and Yellows respond better than Light Blues and Light Greens.

What does it feel like? Do you offer numbing?

    • The treatment feels like little rubber band snaps, but most patients are comfortable with ice and Zimmer air cooler. However we do offer topical numbing cream if needed.

How does the Merz DESCRIBE Patch  help with the process?

  • This amazing patch contains a liquid that prevents swelling allowing additional laser passes to break up the ink.
  • The additional laser passes reduces the number of treatments needed.
  • Allows higher laser fluency for targeting more stubborn ink.
  • Leads to a more comfortable treatment and speeds the healing process.

After your Procedure

Your skin may have a slightly sunburned feeling for a few days after surgery. It’s important to keep the area clean with the use of antibiotic cream and a dressing. A bath or shower is ok the day after the procedure, but no scrubbing should be permitted on the delicate treatment area. Your tattoo will continue to fade as the skin heals, with redness or scabbing disappearing after a few weeks.

More questions about Laser Tattoo Removal with our Lumenis PiQo4 Laser and the Merz Describe Path? Contact our office today for more information or to set up a consultation.

Call for a Tattoo Removal Consultation at our Chula Vista office today: (619) 420-1840

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