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Nowak Aesthetics Signature Looks


After 20 years of aesthetic medicine practice, we’ve perfected our craft into five signature looks to revitalize, renew, and re-vitalize our patients into looking, feeling, and being their best. Your next you is your best you.


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Using precision and symmetry our master injectors rebalance facial structures and replenish depleted volume that has left you looking "tired".

Vacation? Reunion? Wedding? A little self love? Our Triangle Lift is our most popular treatment to offer a “wow” result, little downtime and leaves everyone guessing.

A unique combination with the most advanced techniques designed to target stubborn fat plus, strengthen and tone muscles safely and effectively to reach all your body goals.

A masterful blend of biostimulators and ultrasound therapy rapidly creates new collagen for firmer, tighter, younger skin.

Combination Contour is the first in its class to noticeably take off up to ten years of aging. This is done through careful attention to detail and a high level of customization for each patient.

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