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Nowak Aesthetics has been an industry pioneer since 2003. As one of the first medical spas in Southern California, let alone the nation, we have performed thousands of transformative procedures. Our highly-trained staff is ready to remedy your aging needs through facial injections, therapies, and esthetician services.

Nowak signature looks for face

Understanding how a person ages and what techniques are needed to restore youthfulness is a delicate art and science.

After over 20 years of transforming patients’ appearances, we have taken our most popular and innovative procedures and made them available as Nowak Signature Looks.

Triangle Lift

Triangle Lift

Our most requested proprietary treatment to offer a ‘wow’ result that leaves everyone guessing, all with little downtime.

5 Point Profile

5 Point Profile

Using precision and symmetry, our master injectors rebalanced facial structures and replenished depleted volume that has left you looking tired and dull.

Exclusive: combination contour

True artistry does not limit itself to a single medium. In fact, it requires all of them.

Nowak Aesthetics is proud to be the first aesthetics medicine center in the nation to offer Combination Contour, an exclusive, multi-modality treatment designed to restore, balance, and rejuvenate the face in a three-step process.

Combination Contour is the first in its class to noticeably take off up to to ten years of aging. This is done through careful attention to detail and a high level of customization for each patient.

Step 1


Facial aging begins with bone loss. As faces lose their bone structure, skin sags and definition is lost.

Combination Contour begins by expertly recreating lost bone structure in the jaw, chin, and mid-face through signature dermal filler techniques.

Step 2


Faces age drastically when the fatty tissue underneath the skin decays and separates. This leaves the face looking dull and tired.

Combination Contour’s second stage restores volume and moisture to the mid-face with a second set of signature dermal filler techniques.

Step 3

Tone & Texture

When facial volume and structure is lost, skin becomes lax and sunken. Wrinkles and damage can easily appear.

Combination Contour’s final stage is to rejuvenate the skin through a blend of treatment modalities, leaving patients’ skin smoother, brighter, consistent.

facial injectables

The injector is the most crucial aspect of aesthetic medicine. Who is holding the needle is often much more important than what is inside the needle.

Our master injectors have completed extensive training and select from a wide range of the highest-quality products based on a patient’s individual preferences and needs.

expertly offered products & techniques

Signature Looks

Signature Looks

Excellence is not a one-time act. It is a replicable, dedicated process.

Browse our most popular treatments, presented as Signature Looks, to transform your appearance.

Facial Technology

Facial Technology

To deliver a youthful look, artistry is not enough. The aesthetic practitioner of the future needs to be equal parts scientist, artist, and magician.

We have invested millions of dollars in leading aesthetic treatment technologies and technical training to lift, restore, and clarify the face.

available cutting-edge treatments

esthetician services

Industry leaders need to innovate on many fronts. Gone are the days where excelling at only one thing makes an impact.

Our practice has highly-trained professional estheticians to revitalize your skin, mind, and body with peels and at-home treatments.

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