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Y-Lift San Diego

Now available in San Diego, the Y Lift® is an innovative procedure designed to enhance youthful facial contours without surgery or incisions.

What is Y Lift®?

The Y Lift® addresses and minimizes signs of facial aging due to structural volumizing of the cheekbone region and chin. The target areas create a “Y” shape on the face, thus lending the treatment its name.

How does Y Lift® work?

The Y Lift® procedure works by replenishing lost facial volume and restoring youthful-looking facial contours. The Y Lift® accentuates the appearance of the cheekbones, defines the jawline, and makes eyes appear more rested and alert.

Best of all, there are no incisions or stitches required, making this an ideal procedure for patients who want instant results without surgery.

The Y Lift® procedure has been used effectively to:

  • Reduce the appearance of facial wrinkles
  • Highlight cheekbones
  • Replace lost facial volume
  • Define the jawline and neck
  • Provide lifting to sagging facial skin

“I saw my pictures from 7 years ago and I fell like I’ve gained 10 years of my life. It’s amazing. I love my new look.” Patient – Patricia, Age 50

What to expect from Y Lift® treatments

The Y Lift® procedure keeps downtime and recovery to a minimum by eliminating the need for stitches and incisions. During the Y Lift® procedure, a specialized titanium instrument is placed under the skin and maneuvered to lift targeted areas. Hyaluronic acid is inserted to the treatment areas, providing instant lift and sculpting to the face. Results are immediate and can last anywhere from one to two years.

How long is the recovery time?

There is no downtime or recovery associated with the Y Lift®. Patients can expect to feel slight tenderness and soreness in the treated areas for a few days. Minor bruising may also occur; bruising usually resolves itself within the first week post-procedure.

Call for a Cosmetic Consultation: (619) 420-1840.

What others are saying about Y Lift

Before & After Photos

The 46 year old patient Vicky was concerned with her hollow cheeks and tired eyes. She chose the Y LIFT so she could refresh her look without the downtime. Notice the defined jawline, lifted cheeks, and lifted jowls. Her sunken, tired look is now replaced with a fresher, more youthful, yet natural looking result.
The 50 year old patient Patty was concerned that her face didn’t match her youthful and vibrant personality. She chose the Y LIFT because it was non-invasive, didn’t cause scars, and required no downtime. After her procedure she was very happy with her improved jawline definition, lifted jowls, and smoother neck. The best thing was everyone noticed her great results, but no one noticed that she had a procedure done.
This 56 year old patient Susan was concerned about her sagging cheeks and drooping jawline. She wanted her face to match with her athletic toned body and elected to have the Y LIFT due to the procedure’s lack of downtime. Notice the crisper jawline, lifted cheeks, and smoother neckline. Her smile lines are also less noticeable – wow!
This 56 year old female patient Barbara was concerned with her tired looking eyes, her drooping jawline, and the lines around her lower face. She choose the Y LIFT because she wanted immediate, yet natural looking results with no downtime. She was thrilled with her more balanced, rejuvenated look. Notice her lifted cheeks, sharper jawline, and smoother neck. The lines around her lower face are also smoother!


“I look 20 years younger already in 3 days! The only regret I have is that they weren’t doing this 10 years ago.” Patient – Susan, Age 56

“I saw my pictures from 7 years ago and I fell like I’ve gained 10 years of my life. It’s amazing. I love my new look.” Patient – Patricia, Age 50

“Looking in the mirror, I think I look about 5 years younger than I did before I had the Y Lift.” Patient – Vicky, Age 46

“Not only do I feel better on the outside, but it makes me feel wonderful on the inside. I’m just over the moon.” Patient – Barbara, Age 56

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