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Try Lip Augmentation with Volbella in Chula Vista

Plump, full lips are a look many women long to have in Chula Vista. While plumping glosses may promise a more powerful puck, nothing gets the job done quite like lip fillers. Volbella is a lip injection gel that uses a mixture of hyaluronic acid. Probably the most exciting aspect of this type of lip augmentation is the longevity of it. The acid is said to make the full lips last a full year.

More often than not, lip injection formulas will give women fuller lips, but only for a brief time. And the results are usually not as noticeable as most patients would like. And as women age, lip injections can help fight off and smooth out the vertical lines that can appear around their smiles. Many doctors to believe that Volbella is the best filler around because of the natural way it fills lips and reduces wrinkles.

Volbella can also subtly reshape the lips in addition to adding volume. Not one for patients who want larger, heavy lips, Volbella is more for patients who are seeking refinement. The end result is more of a hydrated look, as the skin looks plumper. And of course, plumper skins means more youthful looking skin.

The ideal candidate for this procedure is a patient who has lost some plumpness with age. As we age, skin begins to deteriorate.

Volbella can fill in those lines without making your lips look “done.” Everyone has seen patients who have overdone it with their lip injections, which could make them wary of these kinds of procedures. But Volbella is a more natural alternative. In fact, this kind of lip augmentation was designed specifically to avoid that overdone look.

With minimal downtown required and no surgery needed, you could even have a Volbella treatment done during your lunch break. Schedule a consultation with Nowak Aesthetics today! Our office is conveniently located in Chula Vista and our friendly and experienced staff will be happy to help with any questions or concerns you may have. Stop wishing you had fuller lips! Try Volbella for natural-looking lip augmentation in Chula Vista. Contact us today!

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