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Three Easy Ways to Get Rid of Unsightly Brown Spots

It’s not uncommon for a portion of your skin to be darker than the rest. It could appear blotchy or discolored at times. This phenomenon is not specific to a certain ethnic background, but individuals with lighter skin tones are more susceptible. This is because fair-skinned people tend to have less melanin in their skin; melanin absorbs the treat brown spotssun’s ultraviolet light and protects it from discoloration.

If regular use of sunscreen and limiting your time in the sun haven’t stopped the brown discolorations from appearing, below are three foolproof treatments to getting rid of them once and for all!

Hello hydroquinone!

Start with topical products containing hydroquinone. Many believe that hydroquinone is a bleaching agent; actually it helps reduce skin discoloration by preventing the production of melanin (the primary pigment responsible for skin color). Combining hydroquinone with other active ingredients such as tretinoin, glycolic acid, or kojic acid has been shown to be effective lightening mild to moderate hyperpigmentation.

Peel ‘em off with AHAs

Alphahydroxy acids (AHAs) such as glycolic acid and lactic acid have been shown to be effective in removing the top layers of the skin where hyperpigmented cells tend to accumulate. Chemical peeling via AHAs has also proven to be more potent when combined with other ingredients such as hydroquinone-based products.

Last but not the least — lasers!

If you’ve tried both topical products and chemical peels but are not seeing the outcomes you desire, it’s time to try lasers. There are various types of laser treatments available for removing dark spots. It should be noted that individuals with darker skin tones tend to benefit less from laser treatments due to the significant amounts of melanin in their skin. When considering laser treatment for your hyperpigmentation issues, it is best to thoroughly discuss your options with your dermatologist or laser treatment provider.

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