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What Is Thermage Body? How Is It Different?

Looking for a non-invasive treatment that simultaneously tightens skin, improves the appearance of cellulite, and results in inch loss? Then it’s time to introduce yourself to Thermage Body treatments – an innovative radiofrequency procedure that triggers collagen production for long-term tightening and skin laxity improvement.

Thermage Body is different from other skin-tightening treatments in that it can simultaneously treat crepey, loose skin while addressing the appearance of stubborn body fat and cellulite. This body treatment option is an excellent choice for patients who may be close to their ideal weight, but are having trouble achieving a contoured appearance due to excess skin or stubborn pockets of fat.

Thermage Body delivers radio frequency energy to sub-structural levels of the skin, which produces a near-instant contracting effect. Patients will feel this deep heating throughout the dermis, although most people are able to comfortably tolerate the treatment. In addition to triggering a skin-tightening effect, it invigorates collagen production. The more collagen you produce, the faster your cells turn over older skin to reveal the glowing and youthful skin that’s hiding beneath it.

Thermage Body is different from other skin tightening options in that it takes fewer treatments to deliver noticeable results. The secret can be found in the applicator tip: Thermage Body uses a much larger tip to deliver faster treatments that penetrate deeper for a more noticeable response. To help speed along the procedure, the Thermage Body applicator tip covers 5 times the surface of previous applicators.

Some skin-tightening technologies – like Exilis Ultra – use the same radio frequency energy to trigger contracting; others use radiofrequency energy. Only Thermage Body uses a larger applicator tip to ensure that clients are able to see ideal results while going through fewer skin-tightening sessions.

Want to learn more about which body-tightening procedure is your best option? Schedule a consultation with Dr. Eugene J Nowak at Nowak Aesthetics in Chula Vista, CA.

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