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Should You Have Your Tattoo Removed?

laser-hair-removal-300x199Do you have a tattoo that fills you with regret or embarrassment? Tattoo removal may be the answer to your problems, but you should carefully consider your choices, since tattoo removal is a permanent commitment.

Ask yourself the following questions to determine how you feel about your tattoo:


Does the tattoo remind you of a painful experience or unpleasant relationship?

If your tattoo brings you emotional pain, it is likely wise to have it removed.


Is the tattoo of poor quality?

If your tattoo is low quality and embarrassing, have it removed.


Does the tattoo accurately represent your current attitude and values?

If the tattoo still represents who you are and what you care about, you may want to keep it—if not, it should probably go.


Do you like the placement of the tattoo?

If you like the placement of your tattoo, but not the tattoo itself, you could hire a tattoo artist to cover the old tattoo with a newer bigger design that you like.


Has the tattoo faded or spread?

If the tattoo has faded and spread, but still brings back happy memories, you may want to consider having it touched up. If not having it removed may be the best option.


Does the tattoo remind you of a funny experience or an important time in your life?

Tattoos are mementos of things you care about and experiences you want to remember. If the tattoo still reminds you of those things, it might be wise to keep it for now.


Are you opposed to tattoos in general, or just this specific tattoo?

If you no longer like tattoos at all, have it removed. If it is just the specific design, consider having it covered up.


How long have you had the tattoo?

If you’re regretting a brand new tattoo, give yourself some time to get used to it before making a permanent decision.


Tattoo removal can give you the freedom to move on to a new phase of your life, but it is a permanent decision, so use the questions above to gauge your feelings. Once you’ve decided on tattoo removal, contact Dr. Nowak to schedule a consultation.

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