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The Pros and Cons of Non-Surgical Nose Enhancement

Rhinoplasty (nose-enhancement surgery) is the procedure of choice if a person wants to improve certain features in his or her nose while maintaining facial balance and harmony. But not everyone can have the procedure; some may have health issues that may increase their risk of complications, while others do not have the luxury of a long recovery period.

Non-surgical options for nasal enhancement are now available at our Chula Vista cosmetic surgery practice. Dermal fillers will be injected tonose enhancement add volume and make the nose look more balanced and well formed. What are the benefits and drawbacks of a non-surgical approach?

Advantages of non-surgical nose enhancement

  • There is minimal downtime involved. Patients who undergo non-surgical rhinoplasty only experience minimal amounts of swelling and bruising. This is a far cry from surgery where recovery takes months before desired outcomes fully show themselves.
  • The effects are only temporary, usually lasting for months, so if you’re not happy with your new look you’re not stuck with it. In addition, you can opt to have the procedure reversed if you’re not satisfied with the results. A special enzyme may be injected to dissolve the filler in hours.
  • You can use the approach to help you figure out what your nose would look like if you wish to have surgery.
  • In some cases, patients who were not satisfied with the results of rhinoplasty can opt to have it revised through a non-surgical approach.
  • There isn’t the risk of post-surgical complications such as infection.

Drawbacks of non-surgical nose enhancement

  • The temporary results may be a drawback for those who seek a more permanent solution for their nasal bumps and humps.
  • Using fillers to improve the nose won’t address all types of cosmetic concerns. A non-surgical approach may fill in depressions, smooth out bumps, or lift the nasal tip but it can’t eliminate a hump, narrow the nasal tip, or make the nose smaller.
  • In addition, dermal fillers can’t address functional problems such as a deviated septum.

We encourage you to explore your non-surgical options in nasal enhancement today. Call us at (619) 420-1840 or fill out our contact form to schedule your private consultation. We look forward to your visit!

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