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Preventing Dimpling After Liposuction

Stubborn pockets of excess fat in various parts of the body is a common concern for men and women alike here at our San Diego cosmetic surgery practice. And we’re pretty much sure that it’s not just here at our practice as liposuction is the top surgical cosmetic procedure in 2013. By and large, the popular body contouring procedure has helped thousands of men and women eliminate unwanted fat deposits permanently and achieve naturally proportional body contours.

Dimpling Concerns Following Liposuction

Liposuction has certainly come a long way since it was introduced in the 1960s. The techniques utilized in the procedure are now more advanced, ensuring optimal efficacy and safety. Patients are now more thoroughly satisfied with the results of liposuction without the risks associated with it decades ago. However, there are a few patients who tend to develop skin irregularities following the procedure, notably skin dimpling. If you have been thinking about having liposuction but is greatly concerned with skin dimpling, read on below to learn more about why it happens and how its appearance can be prevented. 

Who are at risk?

By and large, liposuction involves minor trauma in the skin and its surrounding tissues when the cannula (tube that is used to suction fat) is inserted. Skin dimpling may result when the skin tissues heal unevenly. Specifically, the following factors can put one at risk for dimpling:

  • Poor skin elasticity – If you’re considering liposuction yet you have poor skin elasticity, you might want to consider skin tightening treatments along with liposuction such a tummy tuck.
  • Weight fluctuations – Extreme weight gains or loss following liposuction may make the skin appear dimpled and uneven. Thus, patients who undergo liposuction need to maintain stable weight after treatment.
  • Large amounts of fat were removed – It has been shown that taking substantial amounts of fat in a certain body part can cause dimpling.
  • Uneven fat removal – This is why you need to find a skilled and highly experienced liposuction surgeon to perform the procedure.
  • Existence of pre-liposuction cellulite

Steps You Can Take to Prevent Dimpling

1. As mentioned earlier, choose your liposuction surgeon carefully. Consider their length of experience in performing the procedure. You might also want to check before-and-after photos.
2. Make an effort to keep your weight as stable as possible following liposuction.
3. Take steps to reduce the appearance of cellulite before having the procedure.
4. Stay hydrated following liposuction. In addition, avoid consuming foods that are relatively high in sodium. A high-salt diet can cause water retention and make your skin look puffy and dimpled.
5. If you’re taking medications for certain conditions, check with your general doctor if it can result to weight gain as a side effect.
6. Consider procedures, either surgical or non-surgical, that can help tighten the skin following liposuction. These treatments include an arm lift, tummy tuck, thigh lift, Thermage, and ReFit.

If you’d like to learn more about liposuction and how to avoid post-surgery complications such as dimpling, we encourage you to get in touch with us today! Call us at (619) 420-1840 or fill out our contact form to schedule your private consultation. We’d love to hear from you!

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