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How to Prevent and Treat Sun Damage

sun damage

Most of us love the warmer summer days. Longer periods of daylight allow people to enjoy the sun longer. Warm days lend themselves to playing sports outdoors, going to the beach, and barbecuing outside. That being said, if a person does not take the necessary precautions, they could find themselves dealing with sun damage.

The effects of sun damage can be cumulative. A person may not realize that the sun’s damaging their skin until it is too late. Then they find themselves striving to find ways to treat sun-damaged skin. It is a lot better to take steps to prevent sun damage as opposed to trying to reverse it later on.

It’s important to note that every time you go outside, there is the potential that UVA rays can penetrate your skin, damaging deeper tissues and blood vessels. UVA and UVB rays have the potential to negatively affect your skin’s DNA. The result is premature aging. In worst-case scenarios, there is the potential of developing skin cancer.

Regardless of your age, race, nationality, or the time of year, you must take steps to protect yourself from the sun. Doing so will keep your skin healthier and will keep you looking younger. An important part of protecting yourself from the sun is using the right type of sunscreen. You want a sunscreen that will protect you from UVA as well as UVB rays. You also want a sunscreen that has a built-in moisturizer as this will further protect your skin.

The sun is the strongest between 10 AM and 4 PM. This means that the UV rays are going to be their most intense during this time. It does not matter if it is sunny out or even if the day is overcast. It is important to protect yourself from UV rays by avoiding the sun during this time if possible.

If you feel that you have already damaged your skin, it is good to talk to an expert. Let our team at Nowak Aesthetics assess your skin to identify signs of sun damage early. The earlier sun damage is identified, the easier it will be to reduce the appearance of damage. For example, you may want to take advantage of professional procedures like CO2 fractional laser treatments to minimize sun damage-related issues. Contact us today to book a consultation at our office in Chula Vista!

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