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We Offer the Surest Way to Banish Hyperpigmentation

Happy womanThere are tons of theories out there about what causes aging — from genetics to lifestyle habits (smoking and alcohol consumption) to diet and nutrition. While scientists and anti-aging experts may still be debating about which factors play a huge role in the appearance of the physical signs of aging, they all agree on one causative component: frequent sun exposure.

Causes of Hyperpigmentation

Physical aging manifests itself through a vast array of issues. There’s reduced endurance, muscle loss, facial wrinkles, bingo wings, and creaking joints. And then there’s hyperpigmentation, those tiny patches of discoloured/darkened skin resulting to uneven skin tone. While not everyone may have issues with wrinkles, muscles wasting, or reduced skin elasticity as they age, hyperpigmentation problems seems to be quite common. So what really causes it?

Aside from prolonged sun exposure, hyperpigmentation may result from the following:

  • use of certain medications such as contraceptives, certain pain relievers and antibiotics
  • hormonal shifts in women such as during menopause and pregnancy (also known as melasma)
  • health conditions resulting from vitamin or mineral deficiencies
  • inflammatory disorders such as acne, burns or traumatic injuries (also known as post inflammatory hyperpigmentation

Laser Treatment is the Most Effective Way to Treat Hyperpigmentation

If you’re looking for an effective treatment against hyperpigmentation problems and have tried almost everything — from creams to lotions to so-called “natural” remedies, you might give laser treatments a try. Generally, the skin cells containing the most pigment absorbs the laser energy which in turn causes the pigment to break down. Aside from reducing the dark spots, laser skin treatments can smoothen out wrinkles and improve overall skin texture.

Would you like to learn more about laser treatments against hyperpigmentation concerns in Chula Vista, California and neighboring cities?  Call us at (619) 420-1840 or fill out our contact form to schedule your private consultation. We’d love to hear from you!


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