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Lose Weight & Feel Great with Isagenix!

Last week I announced that I was starting my weight loss journey with Isagenix. In case you missed it, please view my first video blog post by clicking HERE.

I’m losing weight & feeling great!

As you know I have 10 pounds of visceral fat that I need to lose, which I am prone to gaining due to genetic inheritance from my father.

I have already lost 7 pounds and am continuing to lose weight without feeling deprived. I’ve never seen anything work at this level where I’m losing 1 pound per day – it’s been an amazing transformation.

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Weight loss doesn’t have to be bland and boring.  Try this tasty Isagenix shake recipe and let me know how it turned out by writing a comment to my post!

The coolest thing was that during the weekend I was able to wear a dress shirt that used to feel too snug – it was loose when I put it on!

My brother-in-law and sister started on the same day as me and have also lost weight. My brother-in-law is now down 9 pounds while my sister is down 6 pounds.

I set this as a 30 day challenge to give myself some leeway, but from the looks of it I will lose my goal weight by the next update. At that point I will be switching to the higher protein Isagenix products and ramping up my workouts.

I hope you will continue following me on my weight loss journey – if I can do this 30 day challenge you can too!

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