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Liposuction Recovery Plan: What to Expect After Your Procedure

One of the biggest concerns that most people have about cosmetic treatments is how they will feel during their recovery period. Many are concerned about discomfort, about embarrassment when out in public and about taking too much time off from work. With liposuction, you should plan on a recovery period, but you should always talk specifically with our doctor about any of your concerns before you undergo your procedure. Here are some basics about liposuction recovery to help you think more about what you would like to discuss with our surgeon during a consultation.

How Will You Feel After Liposuction?

Your procedure will be performed in the comfort of a state-of-the-art surgery center. This will give you a chance to be monitored briefly following the surgery before being sent home. Once at home, you should have what you need to feel comfortable and at rest. You will be able to eat light foods and drink water. You should plan to take it very easy in the first day or two.

How Long is Liposuction Recovery?

The length of time that it takes you to recover will depend on your age, the health of your body and the extent of your procedure, among other factors. However, your body should return to normal within six weeks, at which point you will be able to see complete results.

How Should You Care for Yourself During Recovery?

The most important point to acknowledge during this time is that you must follow all of our surgeon’s orders carefully to experience the best results. Your recovery plan may look different from someone else’s plan because of where you had the liposuction done, how long the procedure took and many other unique variables. Our surgeon will base your liposuction recovery plan on your unique needs and necessary physical modifications.

Liposuction recovery is generally nothing about which you need to worry. While you will need to take some time off of work to allow your body a chance to heal, you can expect to be feeling very much like yourself sooner than you might have initially thought.

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