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Welcome to the website of Dr. Eugene J. Nowak, a Cosmetic Dermatologist in San Diego. Dr. Nowak knows that a beautiful look is comprehensive: the shape of your body, the tone and texture of your skin and the features of your face! You can trust Dr. Nowak to provide you with the most up-to-date cosmetic treatments available to his patients including laser liposuction, facial fillers, CoolSculpting, and Botox in the South Bay.


Urinary Incontinence & Feminine Rejuvenation – EMSELLA

BTL EMSELLA™: Sit and Experience the Breakthrough Treatment for Incontinence

4 Extraordinary Reasons to Choose BTL EMSELLA?


Aging and childbirth can both take a toll on the body; one of those tolls being urinary incontinence. This state-of-the-art system utilizes focused electromagnetic technology to stimulate pelvic floor muscles. By doing so, neuromuscular control is enhanced, improving bladder leakage over time.

Are You Struggling With Urinary Incontinence?

You’re not alone. Many women experience bladder leakage as a result of weakened pelvic floor muscles caused by aging and childbirth. If you find that your quality of life has been affected by urinary incontinence, the BTL EMSELLA™ is a cutting-edge treatment option that can improve bladder control.

Nowak Aesthetics in Chula Vista offers premier solutions including the BTL EMSELLA to help address urinary incontinence. Our team is passionate and eager to help you achieve your aesthetic and wellness goals through the latest and greatest treatments and procedures. Contact us today to schedule your consultation and find out if this exciting treatment may be right for you!

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  • Top Emsella Provider
  • Voted #1 In San Diego’s Best
  • 100% Outstanding Service Promise
  • Highly Trained & Knowledgeable Staff
Dr. Nowak is one of the most-recognized doctors in the field. We provide state-of-the-art treatments with exceptional #1 rated customer service, personal attention, and dedication to our patients.

Dr. Eugene J Nowak D.O.
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