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Isagenix IsaLean Pro

If you missed previous posts on how I began my weight loss journey, click HERE to catch up!

Transitioning to Isagenix Pro for Energy and Performance

It’s the third week into my 30 day weight loss challenge with Isagenix and I’ve lost 12 pounds (3 inches). At this point, I’ve transitioned from weight loss into energy and performance with the Isagenix Pro Products. I’ve increased my exercise and activity which requires more protein to provide the nutritional support necessary in building lean muscle.

In addition to the IsaLean Pro shakes, I’m using the Replenish in orange, lime, and grape, which is like Gatorade. It re-hydrates the body and replenishes the electrolytes lost during increased activity. If you need an extra boost during workouts, there is Isagenix e+ which has the same amount of caffeine as a cup of coffee, but with vitamins. I’m going to continue on my path to a healthier me – I’ve been very happy with my energy levels and results!

I also want to give an update on one of the patients I’ve helped whose job with the military was on the line due to his weight/measurements. He only had 4 weeks to lose 4 inches! ThermaLipo could only get him so far, to give him that extra help we had him start the Isagenix 30 Day Weight Loss System right away. After 4 weeks of having ThermaLipo and being on Isagenix, the gentleman has lost 28 pounds (9 inches) and passed his measurement exam! His current goal is to get down to 190 pounds so that he no longer needs to be measured. It’s a really exciting to know that his life has turned around and we really appreciate all his hard work.

Thanks for following along so far – stay tuned for more amazing stories as we share them with you on this blog!

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Raspberries n Cream Protien Parfait

Treat yourself (without the guilt) to a yummy parfait made with Isagenix ingredients for a protein boost after a workout!

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