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Isagenix 30 Day Challenge Results!

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Isagenix 30 Day Challenge Results

Today is the day I reveal my the Isagenix 30 Day Challenge results. I have to say that I am blown away by my measurements and my after pictures. I lost a total of 39.42 inches off my neck, waist, arms and legs as well as 13 pounds!

Most importantly, I have been able to maintain my results and I expect even better as I continue. When I saw my before and after pictures side by side it was one of those “Are you sure that’s me? I don’t remember looking like that!” instances. Isagenix has been a great success for me personally and for many of my patients.

Our military patient was able to save his career with a ThermaLipo procedure and Isagenix! You can see his story by clicking HERE.

My energy levels have been great and my body looks a whole lot better. I won’t give it a great yet since I am still working on it. As you know I am taking Isagenix Pro (it has more protein) while upping my exercise habits.

Stay tuned for my next update!

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