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Welcome to the website of Dr. Eugene J. Nowak, a Cosmetic Dermatologist in San Diego. Dr. Nowak knows that a beautiful look is comprehensive: the shape of your body, the tone and texture of your skin and the features of your face! You can trust Dr. Nowak to provide you with the most up-to-date cosmetic treatments available to his patients including laser liposuction, facial fillers, CoolSculpting, and Botox in the South Bay.


Fill Those Wrinkles

Dermal Fillers Sometimes when you’re looking at your face in the mirror do you pull your skin to remove a wrinkle or crease here and there? Everyone does. Whether smile lines, wrinkles around your lips, creases, or facial volume loss, they’re all signs of typical facial aging as the skin loses its underlying collagen support and much of its elasticity.

But there’s a better way to address them than pulling your skin. Let Dr. Nowak and his team fill in those wrinkles and creases with facial fillers.

What can fillers address?

Marionette lines. Smiles lines. Parentheses. Nasolabial folds. Whatever you call them, the deep lines that run from your nose down to your mouth are unwanted signs of aging. Fillers can reduce these lines effectively. They can be used to fill facial folds and creases, to soften fine lines, plump thin lips, and improve the appearance of recessed scars.

Our most popular fillers at Nowak

Radiesse — A calcium-based filler containing microspheres that push up wrinkles from below, Radiesse replenishes lost volume, reduces wrinkles, and also stimulates the body to produce more collagen. Because of this collagen boost, Radiesse’s effects continue to improve over time.

Juvederm — This is a hyaluronic acid filler. Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance in the body that is responsible for keeping the skin hydrated and plump. Juvederm instantly smoothes out mild to moderate facial creases and wrinkles, plumps lips, and corrects acne scars.

Belotero — This hyaluronic acid filler is versatile. It can handle deep creases, yet is also delicate enough to treat more sensitive areas such as vertical lip lines.

Voluma — As the name implies, this long-lasting hyaluronic acid filler is meant to improve the volume in the cheek area.

Interested in filling some of those wrinkles and creases? Call us at Nowak Aesthetics, 619-420-1840, and let’s discuss your options.

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