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What Exactly Influences Laser Tattoo Removal Success?

It’s not uncommon for us to have first-time visitors asking about tattoo removal options and the likelihood of successful outcomes here at our San Diego laser cosmetics practice. Although there are no specific number of tattoo removal sessions that can guarantee complete removal, we often educate clients that there are several factors which influence tattoo removal success. We list them down below!

Tattoo Age – The older the tattoo, the greater likelihood of easy removal. Ink pigments tend to fade over time.

Tattoo Size – It has been found out in this 2012 study that tattoos which go beyond 12 inches in diameter are less likely to be successfully removed after 10 sessions.

Ink Color – Based on our experience, tattoos using black, blue and green inks are easier to remove than white, yellow, orange and red pigments. The aforementioned study have also found out that tattoos using black ink showed 75 percent clearance after 2 to 4 laser treatments.

Ink Amount –  High pigment density which is common in tattoos done professionally may also be a challenge in tattoo removal treatments.

Skin Color – Light-skinned individuals will benefit more from laser tattoo removal treatments than those of darker skin tones. Lighter skin doesn’t absorb laser energy which makes it easier for the light to focus primarily on the tattoo pigment. In addition, lower laser settings is typically applied on dark-skinned clients as they are more susceptible to adverse effects after treatment.

Tattoo Location – Tattoos that are located in areas of the body that have an abundant blood supply (which means healing may be faster) are easier to remove. This explains why tattoos located in the chest and back require lesser treatments than tattoos found in the hands, lower legs, and feet.

Tattoo Layering – Tattoos that are used to cover an existing tattoo may need to have more treatments before they fade away than those tattoos without layers.

Smoking habits – In the same study mentioned earlier, it has been found out that the chance of complete tattoo removal after 10 treatments was reduced by 69.7 percent in smokers than non-smokers. This has to do with how nicotine in cigarette smoke can constrict blood vessels resulting to significant reduction in blood supply which in turn can delay healing.

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