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Are compression garments after liposuction important?

San Diego Liposuction Compression GarmentsLiposuction is, without a doubt, one of the most popular procedures in San Diego today and has transformed countless figures from shapeless to sizzling. More and more patients are turning to this procedure to get more svelte figures and get rid of stubborn body fat that does not go away despite strict dieting and exercise regimens.

But before getting the body that you have always desired, there is the small matter of the recovery period. During this phase of the procedure, patients are usually required to wear compression garments to keep the swelling down and help mold the body to its new shape. Most people may think that this will cause discomfort but, with the right material and when worn correctly, compression garments will bring the patient a world of good.

After the procedure, when all the excess fat has been removed from the body’s trouble areas, there will be a space that is essentially created in between the skin and the muscle, where the fat used to be. This gap needs to be compressed to prevent fluid and blood accumulation. A condition that is the most common cause of infection and hematoma post liposuction, a hematoma being the swelling that is caused by the clotting of blood within the patient’s tissues.

Using compression garments also improves the ability of the patient’s lymphatic vessels to eliminate any inflammatory fluids that may still be circulating in the just-treated tissues. These fluids will then be excreted from the body, through its natural metabolic processes, so that painful swelling after the liposuction is prevented.

Another practical application of using these compression garments post-liposuction is to ensure that the incisions created during the procedure close properly so that scarring, if any, appears aesthetically better when the healing period is done.

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