Body Treatments

Nowak Aesthetics has been a national leader in body sculpting, fat reduction, and intimate wellness for over two decades. After thousands of treatments and countless hours of advanced education, our medical providers are experts in the art and science of restoring and transforming bodies.

Our proprietary 4-Stage transformation protocol

Mastery of multiple fields of medicine is required to create a proprietary transformation protocol to perfect the body inside and out. Nowak Aesthetics’ unique knowledge of functional and aesthetic medicine is designed to leave patients both feeling and looking their best.

This caliber of transformational medicine can only come from a pedigree of an industry pioneer. As one of the first medical spas in Southern California, let alone the nation, Nowak Aesthetics is equipped to deliver the results patients have been searching for.


Balance for vitality & wellness

Transformation on the outside begins with feeling great on the inside.

Your first stop on the journey begins with comprehensive hormone analysis and balancing to restore your energy, vitality, and libido.


sculpt & tone

After balancing your inner wellness, your second stop is to sculpt away the tissue that has been weighing you down.

Our fat-reduction experts will remove unwanted tissue from the areas that are bothering you the most, using state-of-the-art non-invasive and surgical procedures.


Tighten & firm

The third stop on your journey is to tighten and firm the skin that is left over from your transformation.

Our capabilities with collagen stimulation and radio-frequency technology can dramatically tighten and firm across the entire body.


Heal & Refine

Now, we will make every part of your body want to be seen and experienced.

Our medical experts will assist you in selecting the right treatments such as cellulite repair, stretch mark removal, intimate rejuvenation, sweating reduction, and hair removal.

our tools & treatments

Even the best artist is lacking without the right tools. Nowak Aesthetics has invested millions of dollars in to bring cutting-edge technology, treatments, and techniques to our patients.

Those seeking an à la carte solution to their body transformation can confidently select from the following treatments.

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If you're interested in finding out more about your cosmetic surgery options simply book your cosmetic consultation with Dr. Nowak online or call our office at (619) 367-9109.

Dr. Nowak will listen to your concerns, conduct a comprehensive evaluation, and suggest a course of action to give you the results you want.