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The benefits of Co2 Fractional Laser Treatments in San Diego

We offer a wide range of  laser treatments available for our patients in San Diego but for purposes of skin renewal and firming, a CO2 fractional laser procedure is definitely one of the most effective treatments out there.

For a long time now, CO2 fractional lasers are considered the high standard when you talk about skin resurfacing techniques.  Having a CO2 fractional laser treatment is like having cosmetic surgery minus the scalpel, the bleeding, and the stitches.  Light energy vaporizes the surface layer of the skin in a controlled manner while it seals the blood vessels and nerve endings in the process.  The creation of a wound stimulates the reproduction of healthier and firmer skin and patients get rejuvenation and skin tightening benefits in just one treatment.

Many patients find this treatment very exciting because it’s like literally having your skin reborn.  Co2 fractional laser will help remove the tired and old surface layer of the skin revealing the dermis which regenerates collagen which makes the skin elastic.  After the treatment, patients have younger looking skin with improved elasticity.

Right after a CO2 fractional laser treatment, patients can expect to feel that their skin getting tighter as the collagen fibers underneath the skin contracts as a result of the CO2 fractional laser treatment.  There is also a noticeable reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and the laxity of the skin is significantly improved.

Co2 fractional laser treatments also improve the texture of the skin.  It makes skin pigment appear more uniform and removes any discoloration.  Pore size is reduced and it effectively removes acne scars or any other textural irregularities of the skin.

Patients with skin lesions will also benefit from CO2 fractional laser procedures.  Once the new skin is revealed, patients will enjoy clearer and smoother skin.  It is effective in treating skin discoloration caused by sun damage or aging and can also be used to remove pre-cancerous cells that are visible on the skin’s surface during physical examination.

Patients prefer this treatment because there is minimal downtime, they do not have to take too much time off from work, and they are able to resume their daily activities right away.  Two to three days after the procedure, patients can already report for work as the healing process continues.  During the first week, patients should expect that their skin will appear pinkish and minor peeling will occur.  Otherwise, they can go about their normal day to day activities without affecting the success of their recovery.

To learn more about CO2 fractional lasers at Dr. Nowak’s cosmetic surgery practice in San Diego, contact us at (619) 420-1840 or fill out our contact form to schedule your private consultation today. We look forward to your visit!

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