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Who Is the Ideal Candidate for Exilis Ultra Treatments?

Think about all the maintenance you put into make sure your hair stays healthy and strong.  You probably invest in great products, schedule regular salon appointments, and treat yourself to a hair masque every now and then.

Well, if you’re not showing your skin the same love, you may end up paying for it down the line.

“Maintaining your skin is like maintaining your hair,” says board-certified dermatologist Dr. Eugene J Nowak, founder of Nowak Aesthetics in Chula Vista, CA. “Your skin needs regular upkeep in order to keep it looking healthy, firm, and young.”

The best upkeep isn’t just limited to the health and beauty aisle at your favorite store.  Sometimes, skin needs a little more “oomph” to look its best, like undergoing regular facials or peels to encourage renewed cellular growth.  Another excellent treatment for keeping skin looking beautiful from head to toe is Exilis Ultra.

Exilis Ultra is an FDA-cleared non-invasive treatment that’s used to treat a variety of issues associated with loss of skin laxity.  Exilis Ultra combines radiofrequency and ultrasound energy to deliver powerful waves to the deepest skin layers.  This targeted treatment stimulates reinvigorated production of collagen, which results in long-term cellular turnover.

Additionally, Exilis Ultra has been shown to melt away fat cells at the treatment site, as well as promote an instant skin-tightening effect.  Along with these noticeable results, patients can see best results six months after their initial treatment.

The best candidates for this exciting skin-tightening procedure are those who are frustrated with sagging skin and loss of skin laxity.  Candidates with excess body fat and cellulite may also see some relief with Exilis Ultra treatments.  These candidates should have realistic expectations for the procedure and be willing to devote time to the upkeep of their skin.

Do you have any questions about Exilis treatments or want to learn if you’re an ideal candidate for this procedure? Schedule an Exilis Ultra consultation with Dr. Nowak at Nowak Aesthetics in Chula Visa, CA today!

Nowak Aesthetics also serves the greater San Diego, CA area.  Call (619) 651-9651 today!

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